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A collapsed house in 2005 earthquake  in Uri.
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Uncertain Times

Are we sitting on a ticking time bomb? Yes, feels experts. But is our government geared up for a Nepal like situation. Is government’s forget and move on response to natural disasters going



Davos Dream

The timing could have been better if not perfect for having a wishful thinking to convert ailing tourist resort Gulmarg into India’s Davos (Switzerland). The priority should have been to put the house



Act Now

Mohammad Ahseem The mufti-led coalition government that is now in its third months has so far been unable to serve anything substantial to the common man. Except for the rhetoric expressive of lofty




VERINAG The actress playing the role of ISI agent in the American TV series Homeland has strong Kashmir connection. Nimrat Kour is the daughter of Major Bhupinder Singh who was shot dead by



Waterlogged Hari Singh High Street.
Pic: Bilal Bahadur

 Chocked Life

Every time it rains Srinagar gets panicky. A few centimeters of rainfall can put life out of gear and turn business streets into rivulets. Syed Asma reports the waterlogged lives “Dewatering is no solution,” shouted a


Remains of dreaded Hanwari camp in Charar-i-Sharief

Life is Easy Now

After removal of dreaded Hanwari camp in Charar-i-Sharief life is slowly bouncing back to normal. But can the freed landscape help in healing painful scars left behind over the years. Irfan Rashid reports 


Dr Haseeb Drabu, Mufti Sayeed with Dilip Kumar and his wife Saira Bano.

Inviting Bollywood

Chief Minister Mufti Sayeed used part of the holidays between the closure of Durbar at Jammu and reopening in Srinagar in reaching out to hospitality sector and reel-life stakeholders in Mumbai. Though the

Web Exclusive

Murals on painting. Pic by Durdana Bhat

Getting Colour to the Gloom

Buoyed by “beautification” drive, Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) is presently applying brush of art on city walls to make feel a change. But will the colourful murals help people faint the shades of

The Straight Curve


Monarchs of  Democracy

Arshid Malik “Where is Mufti Mohammad Sayeed, the Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, when his people need him the most?” I quizzed one of my friends while we were discussing the political


Bilal Ahmad Wani

Dial For Health

Next time you wish to see a doctor in Srinagar just dial EAO’s free helpline and it will be done. Started with an aim to bridge gap between doctors and patients Bilal A

News Notes


News Notes

Tihar Ordeals ‘Hate sin, not sinners’, was the line inscribed on the interior walls of various jails in Kashmir post 90’s. But since then nothing changed as alleged ‘sinners’ were always hated for

Photo Feature

salman khan  (5)

Monkey Visits Salman Khan In Pahalgam!

KL Report SRINAGAR It is not fan following alone. Last night, even a monkey came visiting the reel life hero Salman Khan, who is shooting for Bajrangi Baijan in Pahalgam. Khan’s sister Arpita

Short Story


Shrine of a Modern Majnoo

By Umair Gul I woke up. I was awake all the while. The chemicals in brain jumped up again. I saw future. I saw grave of a modern Romeo in uptown Srinagar. It




By Nehreen Nazir Time creates space for upliftment Time blows the soil of affection Time forms the bowl of crater Time consolidates the fragments Time plays a game, for time is a game


In action Wasim Raza during one of the Ranji Matches.

Cricketer’s Journey

It was sheer luck that bought cricket enthusiast Waseem Raza Parray face to face with state’s Ranjhi selectors. Wasaf Jeelani recaps budding cricketer’s journey that saw him fulfill his dreams    On a


Joining hands

Unison is Resolution

By Aaqib Javaid Kashmir: word of seven alphabets makes its presence in politics, conflict, human right violations, strikes, encounters, curfew, crackdown etc. But more than this, these seven alphabets have been diluted in

Young Artist

Young Artist

Fahad Mubarak s/o Mubarak Ahmad Shah of Homshalibugh (Yaripora), Kulgama is a 4th standard student at EFF EMM School Islamabad. He drew this cartoon for Kashmir Young Life.

Public Affairs

A passenger bus trying to wade through pot holed road to reach Srinagar.

In 2 Hours from Srinagar to Pampore

In 21st century Kashmir it takes 2 hours to travel a distance of just 12 kilometres. Shams Irfan reports the painful ordeal of commuters on Srinagar-Pampore road Eighty-five-year old Khazir Mohammad Wani, a

Arts & Culture


A Colourful Urn

Inspired by the likes of Van Gogh and Rembrandt,  a Kashmiri landscape artist’s work reflects the changing mood of a place and its people. Nuzhat Mushtaq profiles his life story Sixty-nine-year old Mohammad



Allama Iqbal: A Multi-dimensional Personality

By Ajaz Lone The contemporary society in which we are living is in a rigorous condition. There is a chaos and confusion, distress and misery everywhere. Every primary institution of our society is