Special Report

Delayed Degrees

A two year PG course takes more than three years to complete in Kashmir University, leaving students in a fix. Saima Bhat talks to students who regret enrolling at Kashmir’s once prestigious institution

Arts & Culture

Life in Colours

A fourth generation Rangar is struggling to save the traditional art of dyeing the yarn from onslaught of modernity and indifference. Jibran Nazir meets the man who fears his tryst with colours will


Food on the Go

Not everybody can afford glitzy restaurants and fast food joints that now dot Srinagar city. There are thousands who still throng city’s famous Food Street that has survived both competition and change. Zafar

Life Story

Change of Heart

Despite a difficult childhood and lifelong disability Riyaz A Wani established himself as a professional singer. But then everything seemed out-of-sync as he had a change of heart. Zubair Sofi tells his story


“I cannot justify things”

Ace cinematographer Tasaduq Mufti’s formal joining of politics is the new sunrise in Kashmir politics. In a freewheeling interview with Masood Hussain, Mufti Jr talked about his passion, his concerns and his politicsMasood

Sub Regional

Stinking Sopore

Once famed for its apple orchards and pristine streams, Sopore town is fast turning into a literal dustbin. Of nine metric tons of waste generated daily around ninety percent ends up in marketplaces

Human Rights

12 Years Later

Twenty three days after the Sarojni Nagar blasts killed 62 people and left 210 injured, Delhi Police swooped on two homes in Kashmir and arrested the “accused”. They discounted their defence that they


Cashmere’s Dogra Taxation System

Robert Thorpe (1838- 1868) was a British soldier who was moved by the exploitation of the Dogra tyranny and penned  Kashmir Misgovernment: An Account of the Economic and Political Oppression of the People

Web Exclusive

On the eve of by-polls, Geelani loses key figure

Srinagar: In what could snowball in to a major controversy on the eve of Lok Sabha by-polls, senior resistance leader, Shabir Ahmad Shah, has stepped down as Secretary General of Syed Ali Geelani


Sozni Daughters

Mechanization of handicrafts apart, hundreds of youngsters, mostly girls, in Kashmir’s periphery are using the art as a decisive tool to help their families come out of social stress and poverty, reports Saima


Hari Singh’s legacy

by A G Noorani It is appropriate that Kashmir’s last Dogra ruler, Hari Singh, should be restored to favour by chief minister Mehbooba Mufti. Her record would have endeared her to him. On


Stay Healthy this Winter

By Nahid Khilji Winter, people say, is the time for comfort, good food and staying warmth. However, winters bring along cool temperatures, snowfall, hails, which at times might seem scary and terrible, but

Photo Feature

Leech Legend

In times of latest medical technology available, an ancient method of curing disease through bloodletting is still considered the best alternative in treating many illnesses. Kashmir Life’s Photo Chief Bilal Bahadur captured the


Drawing Blanks

By: Khursheed Wani Holding elections to get a group of legislators and parliamentarians is not new in Kashmir, nor is the effort of the pro-freedom groups to create spanners in the process. The


Touseef Mustafa

The picture of a sub-inspector trying to strangulate a senior photojournalist testifies what media persons have to go through in a place like Kashmir. The photojournalist in the picture was Touseef Mustafa, the


Thailand: Sea, Sand and Sunshine

By: Shams Irfan As the airbus began to descend towards Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi airport, a mélange of hues: green, neon, grey, blue and red, started to illuminate outside my window. The first look of


My Name is Defiance

Syed Suhail Yaqoob Morning was insanely intoxicating. In Kashmir every morning is like that. Cool breeze flows into windows of houses, leaves dance on trees, water’s flow is romantic. It looks like a


Fashionable Walk

The decision to open a multi-brand showroom after earning an MBA in UK met resistance from friends and family. But Adnan, a part-time model, was focused. Heena Muzzafar tells his story When Adnan



After the recent reshuffle in the cabinet, albeit at a small level, chinks in PDPs armour were too visible. The story that an unelected lot has taken the family route to shepherd the



KUPWARA  In Kashmir, direct hits kill the same way, the stray bullets kill. However what was tragic was that the stray bullets hit two minors who were sleeping in their home. In Batpora