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The Breakup

Is NC and Congress’ split before state assembly elections going to help PDP and BJP in Kashmir and Jammu respectively?  Shah Abbas analyses how congress has retained its kingmaker’s status in J&K The



Let’s not Forget

With holy month of Ramadhan in its last phase the air is already filled with festivities. After a month’s fasting people have now started making preparations for Eid. One could see markets buzzing



Silence is Criminal

Shams Irfan What happened on 19th July, 2014 in Qaimoh, Kulgam was painful and criminal. But the way people in Kashmir, especially those seated in Srinagar, reacted was more than painful. It was



Kalvakuntla Kavitha

Mainstream political voices from Indian mainland are lately echoing the same views that plunged the Himalayan region in the quagmire of ‘unending conflict’. After senior Indian scribe stirred up hornet’s nest recently by

The Straight Curve


From Palestine to Kashmir

Arshid Malik Palestine. Oh! Palestine. Blood, tears and sweat mixed into one intangible mix drips down the face of the earth accumulating in a blotch at the imagined centre. It is the blood




SRINAGAR Omar Abdullah has made public that his father Dr Farooq Abdullah wouldn’t be contesting the forthcoming assembly elections. The reason is his health. Dr Abdullah who lost for the first time in

News Makers


News Makers

ORDERED: State revenue department has ordered the placement of 53 Naib Tehsildars as in-charge Tehsildars and 56 NaibTehsildars are asked to look after the work of Tehsildar. The decisions are taken to ensure

News Notes


News Notes

Quds Day Thousands of people marched on streets across Kashmir valley on International Quds Day, commemorated on the last Friday of Ramadan throughout the Muslim world to express solidarity with the Palestinian people




Ahlan Ramadhan

For the first time in Kashmir’s TV history, a Srinagar based media outlet is trying to capture the essence of Ramadhan for local audiences. Syed Asma reports how team Associated Media overcame challenges



 Looking Back at Life

From once a famous television actress to a forgotten old lady living in penury, Pranna Shangloo has experienced all shades of life.  Nuzhat Mushtaq meets Kashmir’s first television actress to tell her story 



Dear Faithful Mutton Eater

Assalam-u-Alikum, After fasting for 15 hours a day in humid July’s scorching heat, everyone of us in Kashmir is genuinely busy managing the best feast on Tuesday, this Eid. It is a divine

Photo Feature

Despite High Court ban on new construction Hotel Pine Spring has managed to construct a huge commercial building.

#Pahalgam Vandalised

Pahalgam is one of the most visited destinations in Kashmir. In last one decade, sensing opportunity in huge tourist rush, land mafia has vandalized this scenic spot by constructing huge concrete hotels in



Train to Paradise

 By: Seema Qadri Trains, railway tracks and railway stations, whenever I recall them from the long-drawn-out list of memories from my childhood, I would always get these glimpses of a haunted railway station in



Pampore 32

Historically NC’s stronghold Pampore tilted towards PDP after main-town chose to boycott elections. With NC struggling to find a tough competitor against PDP’s two time lawmaker, is it a one sided fight already?



New, Emerging India

Irtif Lone The rhetoric has started, and is probably gaining the momentum. India is taking off the veil of being a secular state. They have always sought a Hindutva nation, and what better


The view of Peer ki Gali. Photo: Bilal Bahadur

History and Mystery of Peer ki Gali

Sunaina Malik The name ‘Peer ki Gali’ indicates: it has some auspicious relevance. As the word ‘peer’ means a person devoted to religion, as per Muslim faith. This holy place Peer ki Gali

Young Artist

Young Artist

Fahad Mubarak s/o Mubarak Ahmad Shah of Homshalibugh (Yaripora), Kulgama is a 4th standard student at EFF EMM School Islamabad. He drew this cartoon for Kashmir Young Life.



Lifting Homes

What will you do if your house sinks in? Is it possible to lift it up? Inspired by a television series young entrepreneur starts a building lifting firm in Kashmir. Safwat Zargar reports


Representational Photo. Pic by Bilal Bahadur

Doomed Daughter!

Bilal Handoo It is one of those medieval houses in old Srinagar that stirred up nostalgia. On its first floor, a traditional Kashmiri window is covered with perforated polythene sheet. Behind two holes



Truly Techie 

Qualifying Indian Engineering Services (IES) wasn’t a cakewalk for the son of farmer hailing from a remote village. But as Riyaz Ul Khaliq finds out that Zahoor Ahmad Chath of Kangan did what