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Return of the Ring

After three cop killings in Srinagar and subsequently a few more in south, security scenario across Kashmir witnessed a sharp spike. But in many cases especially in the capital city, the reinforcement is



Rationalize MLA Emoluments

The only issue that echoes a massive consensus and cohesion in J&K’s bicameral legislature is the wages of the lawmakers. Every time, the issue crops up, the house displays this rare unity. Last




DAL LAKE Lawmakers committee on the environment has asked the LAWDA to plant two Chinar trees at the famous Char Chinari island in the Dal lake. The spot that has remained historically famous



Sajjad Gani Lone

Politicians are known for displaying the dual traits of eccentricity and euphemism. Perhaps the blend of both was at show when Ms Mehbooba Mufti’s social welfare minister rose up to address the house


Mosque and tomb of Syed Gayas ud din Bukhari.

Godman’s Goose

In a dusky Pulwama hamlet residents invited a faith-healer, rehabilitated him and created a huge asset base for a spiritual centre by contributing land. After Pir’s demise, when the property passed to his


Khalid Fayaz

Parameters of Innocence

By Khalid Fayaz By In 1997, in our village in Islamabad, a Hizbul Mujahideen (HM) commander was martyred by BSF. A year later, the same commander’s cousin was martyred by HM for hugging



Let’s Talk Dal

Shams Irfan What is the shortest way to reach God or get heard by Him? This riddle has baffled me ever since I attained adulthood. I was told, rather taught, that the connection

The Straight Curve


DPS hyper-controversy   

Arshid Malik The recent hyper-controversy about the dress worn by a female teacher of Delhi Public School, Athwajan Byepass has catapulted into a major “debate” about the credentials of the school. It also

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Poppy Pop Up

Marijuana is outdated. Now poppy cultivation is popular in Kashmir because it yields better, faster, is less labour intensive and has a niche market where prices do not matter. Masood Hussain details the



Replicating Emotions

Intach’s effort to document historically important structures in Kashmir came handy while rebuilding devastated Dastageer Sahib Shrine. Ubeer Naqushbandi reports the behind the scene work that made it all possible On June 28,



“Kishan Ganga Power Project has Ruined Gurez”

Three time lawmaker from picturesque Gurez region, Nazir Ahmad Khan alias Gurezi, tells Muhammad Raafi and Riyaz ul Khaliq that connectivity is the biggest challenge faced by his people.  Kashmir Life (KL): Please

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Life Story


Managing Life

An unattended high tension wire left young Sajad A Lone handicapped for life. He lost both arms and will to survive. But an angelic intervention from a stranger helped him keep going. Zafar


Mushtaq Ahmad Mir

Number Game

The coming together of five brothers gave birth to Srinagar’s most reliable financial consultancy. Heena Muzzafar  tells their story Eleven years back when Mushtaq Ahmad Mir, now 47, started Wizkid Consultancy and Financial



Message on Canvas

She can draw with both hands at a time. But that is not what Uzma likes to boost. She likes to paint different shades of Kashmir’s conflict torn life. Saima Bhat tells her



Ramzan 2016: Follow this Diet Chart!

By Zeenat Farooq The holy month of Ramzan has begun, and has brought with it a large array of glorious benefits for our spiritual wellbeing. Along with it, there are a large number

Young Artist

Young Artist

Fahad Mubarak s/o Mubarak Ahmad Shah of Homshalibugh (Yaripora), Kulgama is a 4th standard student at EFF EMM School Islamabad. He drew this cartoon for Kashmir Young Life.


Lost Childhood

Lost Childhood

by Hirra Sultan I slept For a while Till I was calm   But upon waking up My mind replayed it Over and over again   I was tired of thinking: Living the


Barkha Dutt

To Barkha Dutt, With Conflict

By Dr Qayum Hamid Changal Before I pour down my thoughts ahead, I want to assure you that I am not writing it under the influence of any country, sect or group. Neither



Life After Heartbreak

By Musheer Ul Haq Manhas Sometimes this broken heart, says American ordained nun Pema Chödrön, gives birth to anxiety and panic, sometimes to anger, resentment and blame. But under the hardness of that