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Work In Progress…

As Chief Minister announced that she will be monitoring 100 top projects across J&K, Tasavur Mushtaq investigates to find out that 90 percent of the projects started from 1996 are awaiting implementation. One


Samad Shah

Shahabad’s Samud Shah

Godfrey Thomas Vigne (1801-63) was a British barrister who played first class cricket 11 times between 1819 and 1845. The first Englishman who has visited Kabul, Vigne had a long visit of Kashmir



Strike a balance

by Masood Hussain Not in public knowledge, there were a few strong voices in the famous “stakeholders” conference in Hyderpora supporting the ongoing strike, now approaching its fifth month. With four full working



Near Death Experience

by Tariq A Rather It started with swelling in my left leg calf muscle area around first week of September, 2016. I showed it to my journalist friend, who advised me to start



Scattered Souls – An Appraisal

by Ihsan Malik In the past Kashmir has seen some remarkable short story writers writing in the native language. The creative and ingenuous efforts of writers like Akthar Mohi-ud-Din, Hari Krishan Kaul, Amin


Raja Aadam in action.

It’s Magic

Next time you see somebody trying to read your mind on a street in Srinagar, don’t be alarmed. He could be Kashmir’s illusionist Raja Aadam. An illusionist, he has many tricks up his


Rep Image.

Death of 14 Crows in ‘Democracy’

by Jamsheed Rasool In the movie The Birds, Alfred Hitchcock scared the whole world by projecting birds—with all their claw-jabbing and beak-pecking—as a threat to the survival of the human race. The 1963


Tajamul Islam.

A Kicking Champ

It was like a rollercoaster ride for this 8-year-old Bandipora girl when she won world title in kickboxing. Zubair Sofi spends a day with little champ Tajamul Islam after her arrival from Italy.

Web Exclusive


Lt Gen. (R) S. K. Sinha

Sensing Sinha

Of the few governor’s who have had game-changing stints in Kashmir, SK Sinha was among the toppers. A few days after his demise, Khursheed Wani reintroduces Sinha to Kashmir Two former Indian army



Currency Chaos

As Prime Minister Modi shocked India by reducing twin currency notes to mere pieces of paper, Tasavur Mushtaq details the turns and twists of the policy shift at Kashmir’s ground zero Hajra Bano,


Photo Feature


Winter in Kashmir

Winter being the harshest three-month period in Kashmir triggers a glaring change in food, clothing and overall life style across valley. With snow yet to drape Kashmir white, Bilal Bahadur travels across the valley


عدیت  ۱

Fractured Future

With major city hospitals struggling to manage pellet and gunshot injuries, around two dozen boys are struggling with facial fractures at the dental college. Mohammad Raafi reports…

Public Affairs


Emergency 24X7

Every time Kashmir streets turn into battlefields, hospitals struggled to manage the outcome. Working round the clock medical staff struggled to save the lives amid chaos and rising tempers, a Kashmir Life Team


The house in Bamdoora Kokernag where Burhan and his two associates were killed by forces in an ‘encounter’.

Savaged South

The brief encounter at Bamdoora that triggered massive reaction from south and paralyzed Kashmir for many days has created havoc with scores of lives, reports Aakash Hassan On July 8, 2016, Islamabad’s six cousins



Yowling Wounded Valley

by Mohammad Anas My words anguished; I grieve, and bleed. The innocent screams beneath the earth buried   A tragedy— making humanity shiver— has transformed the charming valley into blood river   They


Kashmiri angry youth  throwing stones at Paramilitary soldiers  after Eid-ul-Azha at Batmaloo area of Srinagar. (Photo: Bilal Bahadur/KL)

The Curfewed Eid

by Humaira Maqbool This past Eid was quite different. It was a curfewed Eid—first time, since 1947. For someone who grew up amid crackdowns, encounters, killings, curfews, the experience was nothing new—but, indeed,




by Humaira Maqbool Why is vibrancy missing in Kashmir? Why streets produce a deserted look? Why are the village boys disappearing each day? Why, and what for, are the educated lots on roads,

Stand Point

This boy was hit in the face by a pellet gunshot.  (KL Image: Bilal Bahadur)

Eye Protest

With over a hundred pellet eye injuries in five days, it is all dark in Srinagar’s ophthalmology ward of SMHS. Shams Irfan spends two days at the hospital to understand the level of